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Our Mission

Canary Serve’s mission  is to fundraise for a better safe,secure learning environments for schools in  thus encouraging communities to bring children to schools thereby increasing the number of seats for the entire school system.

“We are a UK Charity involved in Fundraising for schools and then project managing building works for schools”


Our long-term goal is to see more schools built  in rural communities  and enable them with better educational facilities

We are currently doing site surveys in Uganda-Wakiso District-at Kasangati High School  where we are fundraising for  planning on the  extension of the school which requires a new  facility extension and education equipments ranging from Computers and Science Equipments. Due to the increase capacity of students overcrowding in the dormitories for those staying in boarding section a requirement of  washing facilities and toilet facilities are urgently needed all these are incorporated within construction plan.

Now that you are in on our mission,you will see our architectural plans below and how you can give towards funding to build the extension of the school.

Education’s next generation has changed, and  so we need  to move with the change thus buildings that suit this shifting environment.  we can increase enrolment while improving the education of  students.


Our Success Story

Canary Serve has partnered with Kasangati High School established in 2007  a mixed day and boarding O’ & A’ level school, licensed, registered secondary school as per the Education Act with Registration No. PSS/K/478 and with UNEB Centre No. U3629. The school in addition to offering secondary education, Canary serve came into standard developed  construction of  the school Extension to a modern school structure.
Kasangati High School sits on a 3 acres land with different underdeveloped buildings ranging from dormitories, class rooms, laboratories and washrooms we rebuilt the school and due to its tremendous success we are now fundraising to build the extension 
Kasangati High School is surrounded by over 30 acres which can be bought and put such projects. It’s also surrounded with a hand giving community ready to help it develop further .We are looking for funds from patrons to help in the development and school construction Extension.

Message From the Director

We are indeed privileged to be in a position to make a contribution towards the intellectual and social development of the youth of our nation Uganda.
The growth of any nation lies in the hands of the young generation and the responsibility to mold them into useful citizens is on us, the adult generation.
The venture we have undertaken under the name, KASANGATI HIGH SCHOOL is a noble one and our mission is to facilitate first-class education and civilization to children within and from outside Uganda with the hope that we shall have a better world-community tomorrow.
We welcome all stakeholders, i.e. the government, parents, pupils, well wishers etc. to cooperate with us in this endeavor.
Our commitment to deliver has no bounds.
“Train a child in a way they should grow. When he grows he will never depart from it.”
The dividends will certainly give you a big smile at the end of the day. And the country as a whole shall benefit immensely from the human resource established.

Our Head Master


Thought for the day

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Kasangati High School is a place of teaching excellence, where students can feel at home while learning the skills that will help them thrive after their school years are over.

As a parent, what more can you ask for?

Kasangati town council is densely populated area with over 300,000 homesteads, the basis of the surrounding population is a business attribute so if the investor can add on the following:-
– Hospital
– Primary school
– Vocational training institute University
Kasangati High School is surrounded by over 30 acres which can be bought and put such projects.

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Where Your Generosity Goes

We’re proud to say that 94% of your donation will directly in Building Schools and Domitories with Toilets and bathrooms. 2% is used to raise the next dollar and 4% for administration.


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