Neil Winfield  visited the fledgling school in October 2018 and was inspired by the children he met there. He was also impressed by the vision of the School Director Khalid Simbwa and his struggle to develop an educational facility on a small plot of rented land with very little funding. He resolved to do ‘something’, that he might be able to find enough money to provide corrugated iron sheets for the roofless classrooms and under developed toilets

With the vision to help meet the physical and Educational needs of the communities in Uganda, Canary Serve was founded in 2000 by Neil Winfeild and Ryan Winfeild.

Canary Serve has now grown from a small mission located in united kingdom  multi-country organization that focuses on partnering with local communities and schools  to help people in their communities attain Better Education 

We’re on a mission to give communities the power to unlock life’s next chapter through Education

We have helped thousands of children get a good education and have really helped to increase their life chances. Canary Serve Builds Schools for Africa and works in exclusive partnership with a small but inspirational Ugandan based Communities and Local Schools

Building Hope For The Future

We believe there are many people like us who wish to contribute something of our wealth to benefit others – so we provide a safe and reliable conduit for people who want to help African children aspire to a brighter future, through access to a good education and improved health.

Partnering with communities for over 5 years to create longterm, sustainable solutions in Education


Help us ensure this change is sustainable for generations in Uganda

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